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What the Fog: How Many Friends Can You Play With At A Time?

Why do it alone when you can bring a friend?




The latest game by Behavior Interactive, What the Fog is set in the same universe as the studios popular game Dead by Daylight. Other than sharing the same universe, one more similarity is the fact that you can play the game alongside friends.

One of the things that makes What the Fog such an exciting game is its gameplay. The fast-paced action packed gameplay is a lot of fun, especially when you enjoy it alongside your friends.

So, how many friends can you play with at a time?

How Many Friends Can You Play With At A Time?

Co-op play is an integral part of the game’s gameplay, allowing 2 players to play together. This means that you can play with one friend in What the Fog. This is much lower than the larger party size allowed in Dead by Daylight, but What the Fog is still loads of fun.

gameplay still What the Fog

To play with a friend, all you have to do is invite them to your party and start the game.


Other than playing with a friend by inviting them, you can also play with other random players using the game’s matchmaking system. All you have to do is queue up and wait for the game to match you with someone.

gameplay still alongside another player What the Fog

The one issue in What the Fog regarding this is that there is no location-based matchmaking. This means that you can be matched with someone on the other side of the world. So ping can be a big issue here if the person you match with lives far away from you.

Singleplayer Mode

Playing the game by yourself is also something you can choose to do if you want. What the Fog allows you to queue through the game’s single-player option and start a game alone.

It’s important to note that the game was designed with co-op play in mind. So for most people, playing the game alone might not be as fun as playing with a friend or with some other player online.

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