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What the Fog: Does It Work On Steam Deck?

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What the Fog Steam Deck

It’s only been a few days since the release of What the Fog and, so far, the reviews are looking good. From the creators of Dead by Daylight, this co-op set in the same world sees you and a friend stuck inside a cursed board game and fighting to survive. But not every device is compatible with playing it, so does it work on the Steam Deck?

Does It Work On Steam Deck?

For all of you portable gaming lovers, do not fret! The new roguelite from Behaviour Interactive Inc. is playable on the Steam Deck. However, according to Steam, What the Fog might need a little configuration before playing.

What the Fog Steam Deck

Firstly, it seems as though the default controller configuration of the Steam Deck causes some inaccessible functionality. To combat this, you may need to use the touchscreen, virtual keyboard, or a community configuration instead. Although it’s not too clear how much of a problem this is, Steam does remain adamant that the game is functional on Steam Deck.

The second issue is that some text in the game might be difficult to read on the Steam Deck due to its size. Perhaps in the future, if it does cause problems, the developers may add a setting to increase text size. As it’s only been a few days since the release, no doubt Behaviour Interactive Inc. is already preparing the game’s first updates and improvements.

On another note, if you’re wondering what carries over throughout runs in What The Fog, consider checking out our other article about that!

If you’ve been playing What the Fog or are considering whether to get it, keep an eye out as we’ll be posting plenty of guides and news!

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