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The Current State of Wizard Games

Are you interested in magic-centric games? This article will discuss the current state of most wizard games.

John Alano



the current state of wizard games

If you’ve been a Harry Potter fan since the book was published, you’re probably looking for a game that brings the same excitement as when Voldemort and Dumbledore fight each other in the Order of Phoenix. We might be able to relive that event in Hogwart Legacy. But what’s the current state of magic-centric games as of now?

What is the State of Current Wizard Games?

There is a wide variety of games that piqued the interest of casual and hardcore gamers. There are FPS (first-person shooter) games, RPG (role-playing games), and open-world games that let you explore a vast land completing side quests and main story quests. Skyrim, for example, is one of the most successful open-world games.

the current state of wizard games2

Skyrim is an action role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studios. You’re a Dragonborn on a quest to defeat Alduin, the World-Eater that is prophesied to destroy the world. Throughout the game, you must complete quests and improve hone skills. One of them is your magic skills.

Don’t get me wrong, but Skyrim is an excellent game, it’s that the magic system is underwhelming. The game features over 100 spells with a simplistic magic system that you would instead improve your stealth or warrior ability. There is no utilizing your environment, no spell interactions, and no variety of spell combos. Yes, there are so many exciting spells, but they’re all utility instead of combat-centric.

the current state of wizard games3

Another similar game that I want to talk about is Dragon’s Dogma. It features the coolest-looking magic in any video game I’ve ever played. However, the Mage class doesn’t scale very well into the late game, and it’s better to pick the Ranger class, which is coincidentally exactly the same as in Skyrim. Wizards in the game need variety to make it enjoyable.

the current state of wizard games4

One of the better magic-centric games is Terraria. Terraria features 70 unique spells, armor sets, and items to mix up your build. It also scales exceptionally well with the other classes in the game. However, the game’s combat system needs to be more complex, and everything feels repetitive. You just click and hold your mouse for every single spell in the entire game until the enemy dies. Wizard combat should be more complex, not just spamming the same attack all over again.

the current state of wizard games5

Spellbreak is also one of the wizard games I played in the past. It’s a battle-royale game that lets you equip two out of six gauntlets. Each gauntlet has a specific spell and has two modes: Primary attack and Special Attack. Special Attack has a cooldown while the primary attack is tied on your mana bar. However, the game gets boring as time goes by since you can only use two spells, and there are no real combos you can pull off. It could have been better if you could pick each spell instead of having them packaged together by element.

the current state of wizard games6

Wizard combat system needs to be complex to the point where you can use your environment to your advantage. As mentioned above, Voldemort and Dumbledore’s duel depicts how wizard games should be. But it’s also possible for a wizard game to be too complex for the general audience.

Noita by Nolla Game lets you create weapons by mixing spells. However, the game is quite confusing since the game’s tutorial teaches you nothing about the mechanics of the game. The first two youtube beginner’s tutorials lasted about an hour long that explained the alchemy system in Noita. A good wizard game should have a balance of complexity and accessibility. You don’t want to spend most of your time reading and watching guides just to play 20-30 hours long gameplay.

the current state of wizard games7

If you’re looking for a wizard game that balances viability, complexity, accessibility, and variety- Wizard of Legends. This game lets you choose four spells, a relic, and one type of equipment. There are so many synergies and ways to become overpowered in the game. You get to start with four spells complimenting your kits, but because of RNG loots and cooldowns, you’re forced to get creative in approaching opponents. This level of unpredictability is what makes this game enjoyable and satisfying.

the current state of wizard games8

This game allows players to explore and forge their paths with exciting builds and spells. The complexity comes from the player’s ability to create spell combos while avoiding the enemy, not from the magic system itself. Any spells can become broken if you put enough effort and thought into your build.

the current state of wizard games9

Overall, Wizard of Legends is currently a top-tier choice for a wizard game. Hopefully, Hogwarts Legacy will do the same and introduce new mechanics in the current genre. We’ll only know how it will turn out once the game is released on February 10, 2023.

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