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Summoners War Chronicles: Characters Tier List

Team up with the best of the best!

Nicole Barelli



summoners war chronicles characters tier list

In Summoners War: Chronicles, you have a mission: defend the kingdom. As you explore the world and battle your way towards this goal, you’ll want to meet new characters that you can summon to your team! But, with such a big world, who are the best characters? Read on to find out the answer!

Summoners War Chronicles – Characters Tier List

Here, I’ll list characters from the S tier (the highest) to the D tier (the lowest).

S Tier

Your aim should be to fill your team with a combination of those characters. Here are the names you’ll want to keep an eye out for: Baretta, Belladeon, Bernard, Camilla, Chasun, Colleen, Fran, Gelleon, Herteit, Lapis, Loren, Lushen, Lyn, Mav, Megan, Sabrina, Sigmarus, Skogul, Talia, Teshar, Theomars, Verad, Verdehile, and Zaiross.

summoners war chronicles characters tier list2

A Tier

Great characters to keep close to you and fill gaps on your team when you don’t have enough S Tier monsters. They are: Akhamamir, Alicia, Anavel, Aria, Brandia, Cadiz, Charlotte, Dark Homunculus, Delphoi, Eladriel, Frigate, Gemini, Halphas, Hwa, Izaria, Jeanne, Kro, Lydia, Martina, Maruna, Mellia, Mikene, Perna, Pungbaek, Rica, Shannon, Sylvia, Taor, Tesarion, Velajuel, Veromos, Water Homunculus, Wind Homunculus, Woosa.

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summoners war chronicles characters tier list3

B Tier

Good characters for your early game, but their usefulness quickly wears off. Names on this list are: Ariel, Artamiel, Deva, Elsharion, Fermion, Olivia, Onyx, Ophilia, Orion, Orochi, Pang, Phenaka, Platy, Poseidon, Praha, Qebehsenuef, Qitian Dasheng, Ragdoll, Rahul, Rakan, Raki, Ran, Selena, Shaina, Woomsa, Xiana, Xiao-lin, Xing-zhe, Xiong Fei, Yen, Yeonhong, Zenobia, Zerath, Zeratu, Zibrolta, Zinc.

summoners war chronicles characters tier list4

C Tier

C Tier monsters may have niche uses, especially at the beginning, but you shouldn’t rely on them as you progress. Who are they? Bailey, Belita, Fire Homunculus, Grego, Grogen, Guillaume, Han, Hathor, Herne, Hrungnir, Hwahee, Hyanes, Icares, Illianna, Isael, Katarina, Lisa, Liu Mei, Logan, Lora, Louis, Lucas, Lucifer, Lumirecia, Luna, Melissa, Mephisto, Michelle, Soha, Spectra, Susano.

summoners war chronicles characters tier list5

D Tier

Only use these characters if you have no other option. Otherwise, forget they exist! Mark their names: Acasis, Aegir, Ahman, Akia, Bael, Baleygr, Barque, Bolverk, Diana, Mi Ying, Misty, Mo Long, Natalie, Nisha, Odin, Randy, Savannah, Scarlett, Seara, Sekhmet, Shan, Shihwa, Shimitae, Sige, Son Zang Lao, Sonnet, Sophia, Tablo, Tanya, Tanzaite, Tarq.

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summoners war chronicles characters tier list6

And that’s the Tier List! I hope it was helpful!

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