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Palworld: Top Hidden Items That Cannot be Obtained

You can’t get them through normal means!




There are some top-tier hidden items in Palworld currently, but they cannot be obtained through regular means.

However, that hasn’t stopped modders and dataminers from digging through the game’s files to find them! Some of them are clearly just debug items, while others show a glimpse of possible upcoming features.

In this article, we take a look at what items the data mining community has found hidden in Palworld’s files.

Top Hidden Items That Cannot be Obtained

Palworld: Top Hidden Items That Cannot be Obtained - Datamining Credits

Before we begin, we want to give credit where it’s due. Most of these hidden items can only be found through datamining the game’s files, which certainly takes some effort!

So, we want to give a shoutout to data miners like Slime on YouTube who spend their time digging through the game’s files to find these hidden items.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s dive into the list of hidden items that cannot be obtained!

Radar Sphere

Radar Sphere

The Radar Sphere is a unique Pal Sphere that doesn’t work at all on wild Pals. Instead, it’s actually used to capture other players’ Pals. It only seems to work on players from different guilds, too!

Considering that PvP is coming to the game eventually, it’s very likely that the Radar Sphere will actually make it into the game eventually.

Though its name makes no sense, so it might bear a different name once it becomes obtainable.

Nonetheless, it’s fun to see what kind of ideas the developers at Pocketpair have when it comes to the upcoming PvP modes!

Hyper Glider

Hyper Glider

Another item that might or might not be officially released later on is the Hyper Glider. It has 200 Speed, which beats the Giga Glider’s 80 Speed by far!

This glider is also fully functional when hacked into the game, so it might really be meant to be officially obtainable later on.

That, or it was considered so overpowered that it was cut from the game on purpose. All we can do is guess, at this point…

Fishing Rods

Fishing in an old trailer

Remember when the first few trailers for the game showed some sort of fishing? Well, the Fishing Rods seem to still be in the game’s data.

There are four Fishing Rods, all of them with the exact same icon but 4 names based on their tier: Old, Good, Super, and Ultra.

Finished Rods hacked in

That said, they don’t actually work at all when hacked in. Equipping them just gives you a regular Stone Pickaxe.

Hopefully, though, they are a sign that fishing is still planned to come for Palworld at a later date.

Laser Rifle

Laser Rifle

Next up is a nameless weapon, though the community is just referring to it as a Laser Rifle for now. It boasts an absolutely insane Attack stat, and is capable of killing even Legendary Pals in a few shots!

Besides that, the gun is fully modeled and functional when hacked into the game in its current state. The only issue is that your playable character will start T-posing while holding it.

Nonetheless, though, it works and we hope it’s a sign of things to come.

It would make for a nice addition to the Technology Tree if the player level cap is increased from the current 50, although it needs balancing.

Sniper Rifle

Sniper Rifle

Another ranged weapon, and also a nameless one. That said, it looks and behaves exactly like a Sniper Rifle.

This gun is fully functional, modeled, and textured. Hacking it into the game will even let you aim down sights, with a magnifying effect perfect for shooting at far-away Pals.

Unlike the Laser Rifle, your character won’t glitch out and start T-posing either. As far as we can tell, the weapon is ready for use. We hope it’s added officially later via an update.

Various Debug Items

Our last set of items in the list is a small category, as it’s just meant for various debug items the developers seemed to add to test features.

There’s not a whole lot to say about them, and they most likely aren’t glimpses of future content. So, to keep things short, we’re grouping them all together here!

Debug Pal Sphere

Debug Pal Sphere – A Pal Sphere that looks like the normal ones but has a 100% Capture Rate and no weight. It never fails!

Debug Guns

Debug Guns – A set of guns that work identically and use the handgun model. Their icons are color-coded, but they all work the same. Their names suggest they would apply various status effects, including Buffs for friendly Pals and debuffs for hostile Pals. However, they currently don’t do anything.

NPC Weapons, showing the minigun

NPC Weapons – Weapons that are usually held by NPCs, they work normally and are just variants of weapons the player can already use. The one unique one is a minigun, although it might be the one intended for Grizzbolt.

So, with that all said, now you know all the top hidden items that, currently, cannot be obtained.

We hope some of these eventually make their way into Palworld as officially obtainable items, as they would make for great additions to the game!

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