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Paladins: How Old is Maeve?

With her attitude, speed and some of the best damage potential in the game. But many players still don’t know that much about her…




In the right hands, Maeve can become a beast on the battlefield, jumping in and out of danger at will, dealing massive damage, and sprinting away from enemies before they can lay a hand on her. Those who fell in love with her through gameplay could get to know the young champion better by getting acquainted with the character’s extensive lore.

But, among the bits of her backstory, it seemed one crucial piece of information was omitted – how old is Maeve, exactly?

How old is Maeve from Paladins

Though most of the official sources mentioned Maeve being “one of the youngest champions”, her exact age was not revealed for a long time. After some time, however, the developers casually mentioned she is 18, to most fans’ disbelief.

Still, it seems this information is not 100% canon, as most official sources still leave out the girl’s age.

Fan Theories

Of course, fans have their own theories about Maeve’s real age. Her small, scrawny figure suggests she might still be a child, but given her backstory, it might also be an effect of malnutrition.

In a poll done on the Paladins Amino App, most fans seemed to agree she was probably a teenager, between 15-17 years old. But without a more official confirmation from Hi-Rez, it’s impossible to say for sure.

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