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Lost Ark: Is the New Ark Pass Worth It? | True Value of the Battle Pass

The latest update to Lost Ark includes an all-new Ark Pass which grants you rewards upon completing various conditions. But the question is: “is it worth buying?”




If you’ve been playing Lost Ark recently after the update, then you might have already known about the Ark Pass. The pass contains 3 tiers, each with varying rewards. You have a free one that is available to all players, a premium one that is available for a certain fee, and a super premium one that is by far the most expensive among the three.

You might want to consider picking either of the two premiums, but is it actually worth it?

Is the New Ark Pass Worth It in Lost Ark?

Each tier comes with its own unique set of rewards, but in order to determine if it’s worth it or not, let’s first have a look at their pricing.

The premium tier costs 1,500 royal crystals which are roughly around 15-30 dollars/euros. However, you can’t really buy the exact amount of royal crystals in the game. Instead, you’ll have to buy bundles containing royal crystals.

For example, even if you just want the premium tier which is only 1,500 royal crystals, you’ll have to buy the 2,200 royal crystal bundle for 20 dollars/euros in order to get your hands on those crystals. The same can be said for the super premium tier, except that it’s a lot more expensive which will cost 3,000 royal crystals but the bundle for sale costs roughly around 50 dollars/euros to give you a total of 5,750 royal crystals.

Keep in mind that you’re only after the 3000 royal crystals while the rest will depend on what you want to buy or whether you want to buy one in the first place.

Now that we’ve talked about the pricing, let’s have a look at what you can actually get for each tier. If you want to spend money on the game, then the premium tier is what you should be going for. It comes with a handful of rewards that will surely give you your money’s worth.

It’s also a far better choice if you’re a beginner and want to obtain upgrade materials for your gear.

Meanwhile, if you want the added vanity stuff such as the Banquet skin collection, then the super premium tier is a good choice. You can basically get it rather cheap than buying the skin straight from the Item shop. You’ll also get the Noble Banquet wallpaper and a few legendary rapport chests.

Wrapping Things Up

By now, it should be obvious that the new Ark Pass is worth buying. The tons of rewards you can get as you play the game are pretty helpful to hasten your progression.

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