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Idol Showdown: All Characters and Their Abilities

Meet all of the Hololive idols that you can play in this fighting game.




Idol Showdown is a Hololive fighting fan-game featuring a variety of popular VTubers.

The game promises to accommodate to fighting-game newbies while also having enough depth to please veterans of the genre, all while having a cast of fan-favorite Hololive members.

In this article, we’ll give you a breakdown of all of the characters currently in the game and their unique abilities and playstyles!

Every Character in Idol Showdown and Their Abilities

Souce: Official Steam Store Page

To start, let’s first go over the more beginner-friendly characters:


Ayame – a rushdown character that excels at pressuring her opponent with a barrage of fast attacks.

Her “Oni Flip” is great for getting close, while her “Asura’s Fury” special attacks are also great for closing distance while doing mixups. Her “Rakshasa’s Wrath” Star Special can hit high or low, making it a strong mixup tool.

Souce: Official Steam Store Page


Botan – a gun-toting lioness, she’s capable of keeping opponents at bay with her array of guns and explosives. She’s also quite capable at close quarters and can reposition herself easily.

Her “Lioness Leap” and “Tactical Roll” special attacks allow her to quickly move around the arena and can also be followed up with gun attacks.


Coco the game’s token grappler, she specializes in using grabs to deal massive damage. She’s quite slow and prone to being zoned out, but she’s quite scary once she closes the gap.

“Arc-haic Assault” is her main tool, since she will ride a raptor to close the distance and follow it up with a grab. She also has the unique ability to apply burning and poison effects with various attacks!


Fubuki a unique character, her gacha addiction comes through giving her a unique passive! Her special moves have a random chance to turn into stronger SSR variations.

You don’t need to rely on pure luck, however, since her “Burger Fox” Star Special guarantees that her next special will be SSR.


Korone she’s the all-rounder of the cast and a very versatile character. She’s beginner friendly since he doesn’t rely on any gimmicks and is easy to use. She’s somewhat of a shoto archetype. The Ryu of Idol Showdown, if you will!

Her “Yubi!” special attack gives her a projectile for zoning, while her “Super Koro Punch” is a fantastic combo tool and anti-air.

Advanced Characters


Aki – a graceful character capable of controlling the arena with long-range moves and evasive maneuvers. Some of her specials also summon her assistant, MukiRose, letting her attack while staying safe.

“Elven Flash” is one of the main specials, since it allows her to teleport around. “Muki Pound!” is also an important tool, since it summons MukiRose to attack far-away opponents.


Sora – an idol who turns the arena into her own stage with a variety of music-themed zoning attacks. This is the character to play if you wish to keep your distance!

Her “Re:Play” special attack shoots a musical note that she can detonate anytime she wants, while her “On Stage!” special serves as a more standard projectile. She can also summon A-chan for various assists.


Suisei – a very versatile combo-heavy character for advanced players. She relies heavily on using Superchat Cancels to string multiple special attacks together. Get used to doing motion inputs for her.

Her “Selfish of a Rough Stone” Star Special allows her to use up her Star Meter to charge up her Super Chat meter, allowing her to make the most of her combos.

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