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Hogwarts Legacy: Everything About Multiplayer, Co-Op & Crossplay

Remember, friends are important, unless you’re the main character.

GM Starson



hogwarts legacy everything about miltiplayer co op crossplay

Howarts Legacy is unsurprisingly off to a big start in the gaming community. Despite the continued controversy of both its creator and its story, the game itself is too much of a juggernaut to be stopped completely. But with all the clamor about the game, you may have missed some of the information about what features the game has, or as the case may be doesn’t have. 

Most modern games come with a suite of features to allow you to play with your friends in some form or another. Especially games based off of social properties like harry potter. Those common abilities are online multiplayer, where games can be played online, Co-op, where a pair of players can complete the story together, and crossplay, where you can play your same save file no matter which system you pick it up on, as well as the ability to play with friends on other consoles.

Does Crossplay, Multiplayer, or Co-Op exist in Hogwarts legacy?

hogwarts legacy everything about miltiplayer co op crossplay2

Hogwarts legacy is set to be one of big games of the year. But you won’t get to do so with your friends around the world as a squad or team. Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t have any multiplayer or any long distance online capabilities to allow you to team up with cohorts of friends. Even the seemingly obvious pick of having communication within the house main rooms between house members is skipped entirely.

If you can’t play with a group of friends to create your own best friend squad and take on the dark lord, can you at least buddy up with a friend or little sibling and fight your way through the story together? Sadly, no opportunity for that either. Despite the continued chants of friendship and the strength of working together, there is no chance for you to work alongside a friend in the main story. There isn’t a Mario odyssey style “Assist” mode for siblings and grandparents to play along with either. No online co-op, and no much missed couch local co-op either. So any plans to play with someone else at all should probably just be gotten rid of.

If you’ve read this far in the article, you probably have given up all hope of this answer being good, and I’m sorry to say that much like the harry potter franchise, no good news has come out for a while about this one. Crossplay is often a huge convenience for games that are released on multiple platforms, allowing players to seamlessly pick up their game across different devices, or play online with players using other devices that wouldn’t normally directly connect, such as a PC and a Console game. Like any of the other common player enhancements on this list, crossplay is missing completely from Hogwarts Legacy. If you want to play a game where everybody plays magical people going on adventures with friends, might I suggest Genshin Impact?

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