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Elden Ring: Best Looking Armor Sets | Cosmetics

Stats and builds are one thing, but sometimes you simply want to make your character look good.




Sometimes, you might want to use a specific armor set just because it looks cool. And Elden Ring has a lot of truly unique pieces you can use for customization. Here are the most notable ones.

Best Looking Armor Sets in Elden Ring

Banished Knight Set – This set is basically a very well-made, shiny suit of knightly armor. The pieces of this set drop individually from the Banished Knights.

Fia’s Deathbed Robe – This outfit can be obtained for completing the Fia’s questline and, well, it’s the same outfit she wore. It still suits mage characters pretty well though.

General Radahn’s Armor – This outfit can be bought from Enia’s shop after defeating it’s original owner, General Radahn’s. This boss is incredibly difficult, but his armor is one of the most impressive looking as well.

Beast Champion Set – This outfit can be acquired by defeating Recusant Bernahl, either if you just run into him the Warmaster’s Shack, near the beginning of the game, or during a later questline. This outfit makes you look like a knight of royal birth, with its unique armor design and an exquisite cape.

Black Flame Monk Set – If you like characters covering their heads with hoods, this set is for you. Pieces can be acquired from any Black Flame Monk enemy.

Royal Remains Armor – If you want to look like a death knight, or simply a skeleton in black armor, then the Royal Remains Armor is for you. To get this armor, you will first have to get half of a secret medallion from an NPC in Village of Albinaurics.

Guardian Of The Erdtree – This armor has a nice, gold mask, ornamented tunic and some flowers sprouting from the back. It can be farmed from the enemies protecting the road to the boss Godfrey, found in the capital city, Leyndell.

Blaidd’s Armor – This one will be rewarded for completing Blaidd’s questline. The suit itself consist of Blaidd’s face (!) in place of a helmet, so only wear it if the though of “wearing” an NPC doesn’t disgust you.

Finger Print Armor – Another nice knightly armor, this time colored purple. You can get it by going to Lord Contendor’s Evergaol and defeating the Roundtable Knight Vyke.

Depraved Perfumer Armor – This one is dropped by the Depraved Perfumer enemy, found in many places in the game. The armor set is very unique, with a for coat, an ornamented chest piece and a turban-like headpiece.

Snow Witch Armor – This set is obtained by completing Ranni’s questline. It looks like a very nice redesign of how witch outfits are portrayed in other media.

Sorcerer Lusat’s Armor – If you side with Sorceress Sellen during her questline, you can get this piece of armor. It’s definitely one of the most unique armor pieces, with a helmet that has a giant, blue lizard eye-like orb on top of it.

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