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BattleBit Remastered: How Much Will It Cost?

BattleBit Remastered is an emerging banger in the gaming society. The community is already growing a lot even before the official release.




BattleBit Remastered is still in the development phase and the official release date is expected to be between 2022-2023. The developers have released a test version to point out the bugs and gain user feedback before the official release.

As the official date isn’t confirmed, developers have suggested players join their official Discord Server to get the latest updates, add-ons, bugs reports, and info regarding the release date and pricing.

Will BattleBit Remastered Free-To-Play?

BattleBit Remastered’s community is eagerly waiting for its official or early access release.

Its community was confused about its pricing. Most of the gamers were asking about whether the game would be free or not.

According to developers,(stated on 3 February in their Steam’s Q&A Session) the game will not be released as Free-To-Play. They also stated that they will release the Early Access version first.

The price tag will be $14.99 for the early access version, however, it will vary depending upon Steam Regional location’s pricing.

The developers also stated that this price tag isn’t fixed and it may change depending upon the circumstances and collaborations.

Will there be microtransactions in the game?

The answer is No. But there’s a chance to add DLCs and Supporter Packs in the future or even in the early access version.

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