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A Plague Tale: Requiem: What Happens If You Don’t Kill Hugo at the End | Secret Ending

Did you finish the game by killing Hugo at the end?




We finally got to finish A Plague Tale Requiem and the game was really something. All the time we had invested in this game left us with a bittersweet experience.

The story is straightforward. It leads you to the same conclusion in the end. The choices you are asked to make in the game just you to the same ending no matter what you choose.

Ask any of us who played the game and you will understand what we mean. Better yet, try to play the game and discuss it with someone who did.

The choices you made through the game may vary, but in the end, people who betray you always end up doing so, companions who die, will always end up dying and Hugo, no matter how hard you try will always end up dying in the finale.

Imagine our surprise when rumors started circulating about a secret ending where you don’t sacrifice Hugo in the end.

After all, the main plot of the story was to help Hugo find a cure for the plague’s sickness and you even end up getting away from it all, for him to live out his life far from the Plague infested city in hopes of controlling his sickness.

We quickly took up the courage to go through one last depressing run on the final chapter to find out if the Secret Ending will affect the story for better or for worse and here’s what we found out.

Secret ending if you Don’t Kill Hugo in A Plague Tale Requiem

Here is the part where you can trigger the secret ending. This is where you end Hugo’s life to stop the Plague from spreading.

When Amicia tells Lucas that she will be the one to end Hugo’s life, don’t take the shot. Just leave it and wait for a few seconds.

Secret ending cutscene

Amecia will say that she can’t do it. We understand where she’s coming from.

The game started with you being Hugo’s Protector after all and every depressing and horrific obstacle you had to go through was to keep him safe and find a way to cure him.

Lucas takes the shot

With you unable to do the job, another Plague Outbreak is inevitable. Lucas steps up and takes the shot before he says he’s sorry.


In all honesty, We should have seen this coming. With all the choices we made throughout different gameplays leading to one inevitable conclusion, it’s to be expected that Hugo will have to die in the end.

Hugo dying by your hand or at the hand of another doesn’t change the outcome of the story. The same cutscene plays out in the end as A Plague Tale Requiem finishes with its story.

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