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Fortnite: How to Fix Fortnite Season 4 Crashing

Tired of getting your Fortnite games interrupted after the Season 4 update? Learn how to fix that problem in this guide.




Fortnite is one of the most popular games played by the majority today by Epic Games. It is a battle royale game where you have to fight with other solo or team players, and your goal is to be the last team or the last player standing. Because of its popularity, it still remains well-known to every gamer.

Last September 18, 2022, Fortnite released its chapter 3: Season 4 update of the game. However, several players are complaining about their game crashing in the middle of the fight. Although this has been a common problem of games after the season update, there are still some circumstances that uninstalling and then reinstalling does not fix the problem.

To help you get back to enjoying the game, we made this guide to help you fix this crashing bug and enjoy being the champion of the game.

How to Fix Fortnite Season 4 Crashing in Fortnite

A lot of players have been reporting freezing and crashing issues after the Chapter 3: Season 4 of Fortnite was released and launched. It is understandable that gamers really get mad in these kinds of situations.

As mentioned, games that are crashing is a common problem experienced in any games after the season update. The usual troubleshooting done by many is uninstalling the game and then reinstalling it right after. However, this method sometimes work and sometimes do not as well.

To tell you frankly, the only thing you can do to stop this bug of crashing is to wait for the game to be stable. It sure may take a while but after a couple of hours, there is a high possibility that it will work properly already. If not, you might want to consider waiting for another couple of hours. To make sure that it will definitely work, leave the game for a day. This way, there is a higher possibility that opening it won’t let you experience any more problems. Plus, less frustrations also.

Even though it was mentioned that this is a common problem after season updates, this just happens if you are playing on a PC. Having said that, playing using a console may keep you from experiencing this trouble. However, it is still important that you know some of these things on how to troubleshoot freezing and crashing games.

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